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Clutter building up? Here’s a step by step guide to reclaiming your home!

Decide which room you’re going to attack first, remember – you don’t have to do everything at once.

Get two sorting containers (bags, boxes, or even a pile) – one for donations and one for junk

Start sorting!

a. Clothes that don’t fit? Items still working and in good condition but you hardly ever touch? Kids grew out their toys? These are all items that can be donated, put them in your donation sorting container

b. Broken items, old worn out clothes, old furniture? These are items that can be considered “junk”.

Once you’ve successfully sorted through – consider calling a junk removal company or dumpster rental company. A junk removal company will come in (or pick it up from anywhere you want) and remove most items and many will take the items to both the donation facility and landfill. This is the easiest yet most expensive method. If you have a lot of items, but not much fit for the donation facility – consider a dumpster. Dumpsters range from $300-500 and can handle even the largest of home clean outs

. For the brave, you could make a trip (or trips) to the landfill and local donation facility.

Considering a junk removal or dumpster rental company? Look for companies that are transparent in their pricing, on time and trustworthy. Here at Old Line Junk Removal, we are all three! Offering junk removal, dumpster rentals and demolition; we can cover all of your needs. When doing junk removal, we do our part to keep items out of the landfill. We sort our trash, recyclables and items fit donations.

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